26 years ago I got assaulted by a Londoner. I know absolutely nothing about the law. So I didn't know how to report him. So I wrote him threatening letters. He reported me and the woman he was living with said I was lying and once she threaten me with a revolver and told me to leave him alone. Eventually the Cops arrested me and I went to Holloway. 

On and off I went to prison. Got unemployed and I told police he attacked me. The police said "The bloody foreigners" and ignored my complaint. Eventually I went to the court with a plastic gun and threaten the judges. I got 4 years sentence. They threatened me with hospital orders, and taking my kids away.....eventually a charity called Women at Wish helped me. 

I became a writer pseudonym Starlite. Wrote poetry, comedy and true stories. True Poems "Life is a Sword, Keep Fighting", "Passion, Sex and Techonology" which is about prison. 

The Future is Promising


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