Kindness of Strangers

 I was sent to Holloway in September 2002, I was frightened and confused at the time and suffering from mental illness, when my trial started in may 2003 I went to court that first day in the only decent clothes I possessed, black trousers and a black and white shirt. I fully expected to have to wash them out each evening for the next day. On my return to my wing that first night of the trial as I walked into my cell it was full of clothes all ironed, co-ordinated and labelled from the owners with the message 'wear this and stand proud'. I did not know half of the women who had sent down outfits, I was overwhelemed. I wore a different outfit each day of my trial, it just made me feel presentable and human for the first time in months. The clothes did not help the inevitable and correct judgement of the trial, but I have never forgotten the kindness of those women who had so little but generously shared it with me

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