Una Padel & The Visitor Centre


Holloway Prison's visitors' centre, was opened in 1996 as a result of the work of penal reformer Una Padel who raised money from trusts and foundations to renovate the former staff mess.

In 1993 she started a project called the London Prisons Community Links (LPCL) whose aim was to set up visitor centres at all of London's prisons. After this she founded CLINKS, an organisation whose goal was to encourage voluntary organisations to offer services in prison.

Una Padel OBEwas Director of Centre for Crime and Justice Studies between 1999 and her death from cancer in 2006 at 50.  

Centre for Crime and Justice Studies run the project Community Plan for Holloway.  Today they, along with community groups and organisations are calling for the Visitor Centre to be made available immediately for interim use for community benefit.